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Human Resources for Golf Clubs

Human Resources-coverHuman Resources for Golf Clubs

Human Resource Management (HRM) is often perceived as a costly luxury for businesses, but just the opposite can be true. A well planned HRM program tailored to organization and staff needs does not require a costly investment, and rather than being a drain on fiscal resources, a well planned and implemented HRM system can actually improve an organization’s fiscal bottom line.  

How? Effective HRM programs achieve all this:



  • Create a more motivated, loyal, and productive workforce
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Increase innovation
  • Reduce turnover and the costs associated with turnover
  • Minimize the risk of legal disputes with employees



HRM tries to achieve efficient utilization of employees to meet two key organizational goals:

  1. to effectively make use of the talents and abilities of employees to achieve  operational objectives and goals, and
  2. to ensure that individual employees are satisfied with both the working environment and the compensation and benefits that they receive; this HR involvement has to do with employee motivation and organizational morale.

In this book, you get information about:

  • the job analysis process
  • job descriptions and their 11 uses in the workplace
  • employee recruitment strategies
  • employee selection, interviews, and reference checking
  • employee orientation
  • employee training
  • employee motivation, coaching, and retention
  • performance evaluations
  • progressive discipline and termination processes
  • labour trends, compensation, benefits, and employment standards

To Order


Telephone the Selkirk College Bookshop: 1-250-365-1281, or toll free @ 1-888-953-1133 (Ext. 281).

Payment can be made by Visa or Mastercard or by purchase order number.

  • Retail $69.95 per copy
  • 20% wholesale discount is available to bookstores or for bulk purchases of 10 or more copies ($55.96)










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