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GCOOL Golf Management Courses 100% Online

There is great management career potential in the golf industry. Is that an overstatement? 

Consider that golf in Canada and the U.S. is a $50 billion industry that employs millions of people in golf-related jobs, including more than 100,000 managers ($11.3 billion industry and 342,000 jobs in Canada alone).

The 22,000 golf clubs in North America are undergoing many changes, not the least being the imminent retirement of tens of thousands of aging baby boomer club managers. This means new, trained managers with post-secondary golf management credentials are in high demand and will continue to be so for the next two or three decades. In the coming decades, it's estimated that 80% of high-paying jobs will require a college diploma or university degree, so preparation now can immeasurably boost golf industry career potential.

That's where Selkirk College comes in. Selkirk delivers its Golf Club Operations Online Certificate Program (GCOOL) totally online so it serves golf managers and aspiring golf managers from all over the world. No longer do students need to relocate to a campus to acquire needed golf management knowledge and skills; course takers can complete courses, and gain post-secondary credentials, while living at home (no need to relocate) and work while they study – these are enormous financial benefits.

Students can enroll for single courses or work, over time, toward the comprehensive 10-course certificate. GCOOL offerings can lead to credentials ranging from certificates, post-diploma certifications, and even a full diploma. Here is a list of the ten courses offered by the College, each course costs $622.40 CDN no matter where you live. And, the college has an open enrolment policy to anyone over 18 years of age. You do need access to high-speed Internet and be computer literate.

Note that these courses help people manage golf clubs; they have nothing to do with playing golf. Club managers need this type of knowledge and skills to competently administer multi-billion enterprises.

  • GCOOL 102  Overview of Golf Club Operations
  • GCOOL 103  Food and Beverage Controls
  • GCOOL 105  Golf Shop Operations
  • GCOOL 106  Golf Club Marketing
  • GCOOL 107  Turfgrass Management
  • GCOOL 108  Human Resources for Golf Clubs
  • GCOOL 109  Leadership in the Golf Industry
  • GCOOL 110  Tournaments and Special Events Planning
  • GCOOL 111  Accounting for Club Operations Part 1
  • GCOOL 112  Accounting for Club Operations Part 2

‌‌Next intake for registrants is Nov. 1, 2015.


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