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Proshop Provides Inviting Shopping Experience

Creating an inviting pro shop setting at New Bern (N.C.) Golf & Country Club started with designing a vibrant shop that reflects the personality of the club’s members. Formerly located in the basement of the building, the pro shop moved into a bright, airy addition on the main level during the club’s 2004-2005 renovation. The former space was dark with low ceilings, and had no views of the golf course. “In the old space we couldn’t see a single part of the golf course; it was horrific for a private club,” says Alan Ferebee, PGA Professional.

“Versatility with your displays is important,” says Alan Ferebee, PGA Professional for New Bern G&CC. “We move them at least once every other month to keep the shop fresh."

Today, the pro shop is surrounded by windows on all sides, providing clear views of the 9th green, 10th tee and the 18th green from the counter. “That helps us maintain some control of things on the golf course,” Ferebee says. “Now we can see what’s going on out there.”

The windows allow plenty of natural light to flow through the space. However, more windows meant less wall space. “We really have to be creative with our display pieces,” explains Ferebee. The shop has one set of nesting tables and five hanging racks. There is also a wall unit displaying shoes, three shelving units and a dual unit with two hanging racks and four shelves. All of the display units and cabinetry were custom-built in a dark cherry wood, and everything is easy to move.

“Versatility with your displays is important,” says Ferebee. “We move them at least once every other month to keep the shop fresh. Every time I move one piece of furniture, someone says, ‘When did you get that shirt in?’ And it’s been there for three months!”

The only piece that cannot be moved is the main counter. Located in the middle of the shop, the counter is a large cherry wood piece with a granite top and glass displays. “You don’t want to make it inconvenient for members,” says Ferebee. “Having it in the middle of the shop will actually get more traffic flow than forcing people to come all the way in one direction or the other.”

To create a sense of openness in the 980-sq. ft. shop, Ferebee worked closely with the architect to design a high, multi-level ceiling. The unique three-level ceiling is designed with the center of the ceiling reaching up 18 feet with a modern, domed chandelier. The ceiling then comes down another level to about 15 feet,  and then down to 12 feet. In addition to the chandelier, there are four LED lighting tracks on the ceiling that can be moved to highlight different displays.

There is a lively gathering area located beside the handicap computer with armchairs, a granite table and a television for players to relax around after a round. “A lot of them will grab a beer, come in, post their score, and hang out,” says Ferebee.

Not only is the dedication to members evident in the layout of the space, it is also a driving theme of the shop’s décor. Member memorabilia, including framed photos and trophies, are on the walls and atop counters and tables.

The pro shop’s 280 square feet of storage and office space helps to maintain smooth operations as well. The storage area has lockers for staff, a large folding table and hanging racks for merchandise. “The folding table was the best idea I ever had,” says Ferebee. “It is a big display space to use to check in inventory, check off your packing list and fold merchandise [behind the scenes]. I also use it to experiment with how I want a display to look before putting it out on the floor.”

The shop’s traditional cherry wood furnishings and plaid carpeting give it an old-school, private-club vibe, while the inviting and personal touches keep the shop fresh and charming. “The pro shop is now more of a showpiece for the club,” says Ferebee.



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