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Pesticides call to action

  From Inside Golf Magazine, December 2011:  

Dear B.C. Golf Stakeholder... As you are likely aware, there is a strong possibility that the cosmetic use of pesticides could be banned by the provincial legislature in the coming year. The potential impact on golf courses in the province could prove to be significant...

According to documents released by the Western Canada Turfgrass Association,

There are diseases and insect activity that, left untreated, could kill turfgrass in as little as 24 hours. 

Without the use of fungicides (which are pesticides) snow mold would kill much of the turfgrass on putting greens, tees, and fairways every winter, leaving the golf course with unplayable conditions and costly repairs. For snow covered courses, turfgrass managers could anticipate, on average, that it would take until mid-June to get back to industry standard playing conditions. For those golf courses in more temperate climates, snow mold has similar potential to do turfgrass damage throughout the whole year if left unchecked.

Also NAGA-BC (a consortium of industry organizations including the WCTA, the PGA of BC, British Columbia Golf, the BCGSA and the NGCOA) has issued a statement that makes the points that pesticide use on golf courses is neither arbitrary nor is it use cosmetic, saying, "Golf courses are not motivated to apply more pesticides, in fact, the opposite is true. Golf courses do not make more money by applying more pesticides; they are only used within an Integrated Pest Management program which is proven to use up to 60% less pesticides. Use of pesticides on golf courses is not cosmetic. A four-year study at Cornell University concluded that “nonchemical management [is] not sustainable given the current technology and negative impact on revenue from reduced golfer play.”

The situation now is that a special legislative committee has been struck to gather input and many stakeholders have made submissions (NAGA-BC and WCTA among them). But there has not been as much input from individual golfers.

We believe, this is primarily because they are unaware of the situation.

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