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What to look for in job interviews

 Looking for a new job? It may help to know what big employers look for in attractive candiates; they should be the same things that all employers look for when selecting new people.   

JPMorgan Chase values applicants with a positive attitude, flexibility and proven relevant success both on the resume and by example during the interview process. These factors will always impress a recruiter."

"Candidates impress us when they show insight (understanding customers, company, financial impact) and self-awareness (personal brand, how they are perceived by others, how customers see them). The ability to anticipate a conversation's direction, and the ability to quickly assess customer needs are big. Best Buy recruiters look for critical thinking, self-awareness and fierce devotion to customer service."

“Target looks for individuals who can collaboratively lead teams and deliver results. Give us examples of your ability to work in a team or group and take on leadership roles. Tell us how you can contribute to our fun and friendly atmosphere while providing great guest service."

Microsoft: "Show us your expertise and interests beyond your resume. Creative projects like blogging and developing mobile applications grow your skills as well as help employers find you. It's harder for us to get to know you if you only excel in a closed environment. Likewise, get to know us. Learn about our technologies and businesses before you apply. This research will help you identify the best jobs for your skills, prepare for your interviews, and show us you're excited and ready to work here."

Bank of America: "Know the types of positions you are most qualified for and interested in. Be focused in your approach to demonstrate you can match your experience and skills to the organizational requirements. Be able to demonstrate that you've done research on the company, its businesses and the roles you would be most qualified for. Show initiative and desire; demonstrate that you are interested in joining the organization by attending the company's events and meeting its recruiters and leaders. Prepare questions: the right questions demonstrate your interest and understanding of the company and role."

Intel: "We are looking for relentless problem-solvers who not only have strong technical skills, but who are also good communicators, can challenge the status quo, and thrive in a sometimes ambiguous environment. What impresses a recruiter is a well-prepared candidate with clear accomplishments, tremendous passion, and the ability to connect his or her experience and skills directly to the job he or she is going after. He or she should ask challenging, thought-provoking questions and be knowledgeable about Intel's business and the challenges that lie ahead."

"Amazon is looking for innovators, inventors and builders across the business in every position we hire. We encourage candidates to highlight how they've built and innovated in their previous roles as part of their resumes and interviews. In addition, we believe that every employee is a leader, whether you're an individual contributor or a manager of a large team. Every Amazonian is guided by our leadership principles, which include thinking long-term, innovating, and thinking big on behalf of our customers. We're looking for people to join Amazon who embody these principles."

WalMart: "Candidates should know and understand the company, and have a passion for it and the role for which they are applying. Their resume should be tailored for the specific position. Applicants should be prepared to show and quantify results, not just list duties performed, and be able to demonstrate their ability to solve problems."

"We have tremendous opportunities for self-starting people who are looking for challenge, and ready for change. Recruiters strive to understand whether what we have to offer is a good match for your skills and interests. To do so, we use the past to predict the future. Come to the table ready to share specific examples of what you did and the outcomes of your efforts. Our priorities are to take care of our customers by getting the right work done in a timely and cost effective manner."

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