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Course architecture and course maintenance

 Basic Course Architecture Concepts and How They Pertain to Golf Course Maintenance.

By Adam Bagwell, CGCS and David Druzisky, ASGCA

Turf science and management and golf course architecture are intertwined, and cannot exist successfully as two separate entities. Architects chose grass types for contrasts, and build course features for aesthetics and playability, all features that greatly impact the way a superintendent maintains a course. The very size of course features, the maintained turf acres, impact the financial sustainability of a club at its core.

While Sustainability has become a catchy phrase and integral practice in the mainstream in recent years, sustainable design and practices have been at the center of golf since its beginnings, primarily because Mother Nature dictated it.  One needs to keep in mind that the game originated in an environment particularly suited for it; one provided and blessed by Mother Nature.  The course simply existed with little help from man.  Only when the game was taken to other locations did professionals of the day realize the need to adapt their preconceived notions and be practical with what they created.

Sand bunkers, fine, thin and wispy grasses, hollows and mounds along with dry playable conditions were all products of the original linksland courses and forever more became important ingredients of the game.  While these elements are natural to linksland they often don’t work well without a little help in other settings and locations.  The amount of aid they require to thrive and be suited for golfing use is where the dynamic between Designer and Superintendent must be fully intertwined.

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