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Revenue Generating Ideas

 Clubs are always looking for new revenue generating ideas. Here are 17 for you to think about and to lend your own creativity to; they come from people enrolled in the marketing course offered by Selkirk College's Golf Club Operations Online Certificate (GCOOL) Program:

  1. Hole signage:  Hole signs that identify the layout and yardage of each hole can provide 18 advertising opportunities.  The sign sponsor can have their company name and information designed on professionally carved signs for an annual fee.  This concept could also be used in the club’s monthly newsletter, where you could sell limited advertising space.
  2. 9 and dine:  A popular attraction for couples or beginners to get out and play 9 holes of golf and have a meal after.  A packaged price makes this an attractive outing.
  3. E-key:  A key that you can preload with credits for range balls. The consumer then puts the key in the machine and it dispenses range balls accordingly.  A convenient way for consumers to spend time at the range without having to worry about change or purchasing buckets of balls from an associate.
  4. Video lessons:   Filming golf lessons and playing back to the student for immediate feedback and visual response.  An effective way of teaching.
  5. Stay and Play Packages:  Packaging golf and accommodation to attract tourists to your club.  Offering a deal that includes golf, accommodation and perhaps a meal as one special packaged price.
  6. Family Days:  With less and less disposable time, people are finding it a challenge to juggle work, families and recreation.  Offer specials to entice families to golf.  Children golf free with their parents on a specified day or time.
  7. Wireless Internet:  Offer wireless internet to your customers.  Encourage them to come and have a meal while catching up on their work or just surfing the net.  This will also be a draw for meetings and seminars.  Two spin offs, increased food and beverage revenue and meeting room space rentals.
  8. Offer sponsorship holes to corporate members.
  9. Form an alliance with local Legions, to offer off site services. I.e. Club Pro would present a five-step process to improve you game.
  10. Bring in or dedicate an area of the club house to “fitness." Set up a “Walking Club” center. The course could develop a program where qualified people would teach clients, member or nonmembers, offering various physical exercises’ which would strengthen particular muscles to help them with their golf swing. They could introduce walking routines throughout the course, which would add client value.
  11. Using local media news, determine what is happening to the community today and offer the facility to be used for meetings.
  12. We could approach various independent or small business owners and offer our club house as a location for them to host meetings. I.e. Weight Watchers groups, Avon or home accessories groups, book club groups. The idea being to get revenue for the space and possibly sell from the hospitality side of the business.
  13. Organize an association of golf club administrators, who function like temps, and go from course to course, within a commutable distance, on an as need basis. These people would need to be experts in several areas of the club house, front hostess, server, carts, and would be able to supply help for larger events on an as need basis. The concept is similar to what all major banks do, share resources and staff.
  14. Putters Clubs – a member group for people that don’t or can’t golf a full round of golf but can come to the putting green and have competitions in putting.  Great for older women who feel they can no longer golf but like the camaraderie of golf.
  15. Golf cart rentals to community and corporate events – rent extra carts to companies or groups to have at their events to help with transportation.
  16. Playoff hockey nights – appy and drinks nights at the clubhouse where members can come watch the playoff games with friends
  17. Night golf – purchase light up golf balls and have a golf night after dark.  Great for the fall when the days are shorter.

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