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Innovative green initiatives at Sea Pines Resort

 Mr. Charles Fraser, founder of The Sea Pines Resort, was a true pioneer who was passionate about preserving and conserving the environment, and we are proud to continue his honorable vision and spirit of innovation. The following represents The Sea Pines Resort's green history and current initiatives:

Our Natural Resources:

  • Home to 30 species of mammals, 133 types of birds, 11 kinds of fish, reptiles, amphibians and a variety of other Lowcountry creatures, The Sea Pines Resort is a natural sanctuary. Mr. Fraser's vision was to develop and improve the land for human enjoyment, while preserving its natural beauty.

  • Approximately one fourth of the land within Sea Pines is dedicated to open spaces, including a 605-acre forest preserve, with roadways and golf fairways built around natural resources. The design of The Harbour Town Yacht Basin, which was based upon the preservation of The Sea Pines Resort's famous Liberty Oak tree, is a prime example of Mr. Fraser's revolutionary concept.

  • The Sea Pines Resort Recreation Department and H2O Sports offer a wide array of EcoTours within our forest preserve, or along the coast, as a way of educating residents and guests about Hilton Head Island's wildlife and eco-system. They also offer many other educational programs, such as fishing and crabbing, while promoting a 'catch and release' policy.

Golf at The Sea Pines Resort:

  • Our three golf courses - Harbour Town Golf Links, Heron Point by Pete Dye and the Ocean Course - are all certified as Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries. In order to earn this designation, we achieved certification in the following six categories: Environmental Planning, Chemical Use Reduction & Safety, Water Conservation, Water Quality Management, Wildlife & Habitat Management, Outreach and Education. In order to remain certified, we need to meet re-certification requirements every two years. All three courses were re-certified in 2010.

  • Our golf maintenance team makes every effort to preserve the environment on a daily basis. For example, the water used to maintain our pristine golf courses is reclaimed - filtered and reused, and all engine oil and plastic containers are recycled.

The Inn at Harbour Town:

  • The Inn at Harbour Town offers its guests the option of having their towels and linens refreshed, encouraging reuse in order to conserve water & energy.

  • The Inn also offers the Molton Brown Amenity line, featuring products that are never tested on animals. Environmental concern plays an integral role in Molton Brown Amenity's business philosophy and the company is actively engaged in recycling efforts in order to minimize impact on the environment.

  • The Inn at Harbour Town also maintains a full recycling program for both in-house and guest purposes. In addition to recycling plastic, glass, bottles and propane tanks used for preparing guests' breakfasts, the inn recycles all newspapers, magazines, paper and cardboard.

Maintaining Our Facilities:

  • Fluorescent light bulbs, as well as batteries used in smoke detectors and remote controls, are recycled.

  • We secure salvage companies to handle our unwanted refrigeration/kitchen equipment and scrap metals, which result from renovations and equipment replacement.

The Harbour Town Yacht Basin:

  • Because the Harbour Town Yacht Basin is engaged in environmentally sound operating and maintenance procedures it is recognized by NOAA as a 'Clean Marina.'

  • Vagabond Cruises recycles 100% of its waste oil and contaminated bilge water. All of the company's vessels feature containment coffers that prevent this bilge water from entering our harbour or waterway. Vagabond also uses on board holding tanks and marina-based pump out facilities to dispose of black water discharge. Containment coffers at the fueling location minimize the risk of fuel spills occurring during fueling.

  • Vagabond Cruises uses only environmentally friendly paint on vessel surfaces - surfaces both below water and above.

  • 100% of the paper, cardboard, aluminum, plastic and glass used in daily operations at the marina is recycled through The Sea Pines Resort.

Offices & Administration:

  • All of the administration buildings and offices of The Sea Pines Resort are dedicated to recycling 100% of customer and company produced cardboard and office paper. Pick-ups are made at several locations around the resort every Monday. These locations include The Sea Pines Resort Welcome Center, the Harbour Town Conference Center, The Plantation Club, The Inn at Harbour Town, the Harbour Town Marina Office and all of our pro shops and food & beverage offices.

  • We strive to reduce energy consumption by turning off office lights that are not in use and using fluorescent bulbs where possible.

  • In January 2011, The Sea Pines Resort introduced a recycling center, open Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8am-12pm, in an effort to encourage residents, staff and guests to be environmentally conscious through recycling. The recycling center, located at The Plantation Club and staffed by The Sea Pines Resort, collects cardboard, paper, newspapers, magazines and cereal boxes, as well as plastic, glass, aluminum and tin.

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