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Down trends in international golf

(Excerpt from Travel Impact Newswire, 35 August 2010)

Following the first edition of our Golf Travel Insights report in 2008, the world has experienced a major economic downturn, and, similarly to other industries, golf tourism has also been hit hard.

A second edition has been prepared with the aim to find out about recent trends in golf tourism, how customer needs and preferences have changed and what is expected in the years to come.

The Golf Travel Insights report is based on a global survey among golf tour operators, performed by KPMG’s Golf Advisory practice during summer 2010. Over 120 golf tour operators from 41 countries participated in the survey. As a conclusion of our key findings, the survey shows that while Spain and Portugal remain the dominant golf travel destinations, followed by traditional golf destinations in the UK, Ireland and the US, emerging destinations in the South-east Mediterranean and Southeast Asia can become a success story if they follow a conscious and well master planned development strategy, by understanding customer needs. Summary Excerpts From the Study:

Mainly due to the economic recession of the past 18 months, 38% of the surveyed golf tour operators have experienced a fall in demand (up from 10% in the summer of 2008)

While the average length of stay remained more or less the same, several operators noted that golfers travel less frequently

More than 405 of the survey participants also noted a decrease in average expenditure during a golf holiday

  • While 80% of all surveyed tour operators expect a clear upswing following the economic crisis, one-fifth of them foresee stagnation or a gradual decrease.

The full report can be downloaded free:

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