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Insufficient investment in training

The Golf Salary & Benefits Study 2010 has revealed that almost half of all golf clubs in Europe, Middle East and Africa do not invest enough in employee education and training.

In addition, 90% of clubs perceived there was a need for further training. Most had budget for this, but 33% of the 350 respondents said money allocated was insufficient.

The results of the study, compiled by IFM Sports Marketing Surveys, have been analysed by the Club Managers Association of Europe (CMAE) and recruitment specialist Colt Mackenzie McNair.

CMAE chief executive officer Jerry Kilby commented: “There is a wealth of information contained in this study and we would encourage club managers, owners and committees across the EMEA region to use these reliable and up-to-the-minute results to help make sound business decisions going forwards.

“What the study highlights is the need for many clubs to consider increasing their investment in education programmes for club management and general staff. With only 56% of clubs having a sufficient budget for education and training, a massive 44% of clubs do not invest enough in this area of business, which is more important now in challenging times, when clubs need their management teams to deliver innovative programmes to encourage more people into our clubs.”

The study showed more than half of the facilities canvassed had retained the same staffing levels in 2009 as in 2008.

More than 60% of respondents outsource jobs to create a flexible cost base, including food and beverage services and golf coaching roles.

Golf Salary & Benefits Study 2010 Highlights

  • 40% of respondents earned in excess of €60,000 (US $74,000) per annum
  • Nearly three-quarters of clubs surveyed had gross annual revenues of less than €2 million ($2.5 million)
  • Neither degree-level education nor a professional qualification were prerequisites of a senior role, and only 50% of respondents had either.
  • 25% said they would consider working away from their country of birth with 12% already doing so
  • Only 30-40% of employees qualified for a bonus scheme

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