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Ways to market your resort

Balfour FairwayResort marketing entails quite a bit more than just running ads, but for the purpose of this article, that's the portion we're going to focus on. Placing ads in various media outlets can be described as both advertising and marketing, but the smart resort owners are utilizing direct response marketing techniques in every ad they run.

When I ask small business owners why they run their ads, I typically get a handful of different responses. "To keep our name in front of our customers." "To let people know about events and special offers." "To brand our property." I love it when an owner simply says, "To get more paying customers into my facility". While there may be some steps along the way to achieving that goal, that last answer should be the only answer given when asked that question.

When I ask how they know if their ads are working, I often hear a bit of stuttering and stammering, but many are honest and simply tell me they really aren't sure. Some are quite confident as they tell me that they always make sure the receptionist, operator, hostess, or other person making the first contact with the guest, asks the potential client how they found their particular facility. While this tactic is better than what some hotel owners use to track where their customers are coming from, (like those that don't even attempt to track), it is not all that reliable.


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