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Profile of tourism sector employees

CTHRC Releases Demographic Profile of Tourism Sector Employees Report

(OTTAWA, ONTARIO, May 31,2010) The Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council recently released the report Who's Working For You: A Demographic Profile of Tourism Sector Employees.

The report uses customized census, labour force survey, and business register data to provide employment statistics for each of the industry groups included in the tourism sector: accommodation, food and beverage services, transportation, recreation and entertainment, and travel services. This edition of the report uses specialized tabulations from the 2006 Census to create demographic profiles of the Canadian labour force for the five tourism industry groups, and for 38 specific occupations.

The national summary of the Demographic Profile of Tourism Sector Employees report provides top-line information for the five industry groups. Highlights of the national summary include:

  • In 2006, there were 1,656,940 tourism employees in Canada, comprising 10.3% of the total Canadian labour force.
  • There were 177,800 food and beverage servers in the tourism sector in 2006, 10.7% of the entire tourism labour force.
  • By gender, tourism employees were 52.3% women, 47.7% men.
  • In the tourism sector, 32.8% of employees were between 15-24 years of age, compared to just 15% of the total workforce in Canada.
  • Food and beverage services employed the youngest labour force with almost half (48.1%) being aged 24 or younger.
  • Transportation however, was dominated by older workers with 53.6% of its workers aged 45 or older.
  • Of tourism employees, 36.8% worked full-time/full-year, far below the average of 53.7% of the total workforce.
  • Part time employment in the tourism sector was high, with 27.1% of employees working part-time/part-year, compared to 14.4% in total workforce.
  • Many tourism workers were still pursuing their education, with 28.4% attending school during the reference period, compared to just 16.7% of total workforce.

For more information on the report, or to get a complete copy, go to:


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