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Culinary success tied to kitchen

by Joanna DeChellis

The club kitchen is a world unto itself. It’s where talented chefs take raw materials and transform them into appetizing, delicious multi-course meals for members and guests.

But long before a kitchen is put into productive use, a significant amount of planning goes into designing the layout and components of the workspace. Kitchen design can make or break the efficiency of an operation. Careful thought must be given to not only specifying the proper equipment, but also making sure it will be in the right place, because the fewer steps a kitchen staff needs to take to complete a task, the better. Inefficiencies will have a direct effect on food quality, service levels, operating costs and staff morale—and trying to fix them after a new or redesigned kitchen has been opened will prove to be infinitely more difficult and costly than if time is taken to make sure problems are not a part of the plan in the first place.

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