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Online golf management courses popular

There are important lessons to be learned from the recent economic recession:

Education is valuable and it shouldn’t be neglected even during tough times. Perhaps the line should be “particularly during tough times.” If you experience a career bump such as a layoff, you still have to bring home that pay cheque but doing so can be more difficult if you don’t have clear evidence of marketable knowledge and skills—these can come in the form of post secondary certification.

Taking some of the risk out of unemployment or under-employment is why about three million North Americans are now enrolled in online learning courses, including programs such as the Golf Club Operations Online Certificate Program (GCOOL) from Selkirk College. The 10-course program is designed for several target groups:

  1. working club managers who wish to upgrade skills or acquire specific knowledge, such as accounting or human resources
  2. people who want to move up the management ladder
  3. people who want to break into the golf industry and who realize that having formal training will make that career goal more achievable.

There are accredited golf management schools across Canada, but Selkirk has the oldest program and the newest at the same time, given its recent venture into 100% online delivery. No longer do you have to quit work to gain academic credentials, and nor do you have to suffer the expenses of on- campus attendance if you don’t have a college near your home. Plus, online learning can be done at your convenience, so it’s very time efficient. Online learning is a huge win-win.

There are about 40 people currently enrolled in the winter semester from Selkirk College, each taking one or more of the following courses:

  • GCOOL 101: Financial Controls for Golf Clubs
  • GCOOL 102: Overview of Golf Operations
  • GCOOL 103: Food & Beverage Controls
  • GCOOL 104: Financial Tools for Golf Managers
  • GCOOL 105: Golf Shop Operations
  • GCOOL 106: Golf Club Marketing
  • GCOOL 107: Turfgrass Management
  • GCOOL 108: Human Resources for Golf Clubs
  • GCOOL 109: Leadership for Golf Clubs
  • GCOOL 110: Tournament & amp; Special Event Planning


Tuition is $575.00 per course, all inclusive, but staff of CSCM and NGCOA clubs qualify for a 10% registration fee discount = $517.50.


To learn more, visit the website at Golf Club Operations Online (GCOOL) Certificate Program

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