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Sales Staff in Golf Shop Ops

Professional selling is, essentially, the process of first identifying the needs of a prospect or client that can be met by your products and services, then communicating to the client the ways your product and/or service meets those needs.Unfortunately, too many owners and managers operate as if sales training is a pill the staff takes only occasionally and, more often than not, is accompanied by the motivational support of "go sell."

As we enter what, by all accounts, will be an extremely challenging economic year, never has the requirement for a structured and disciplined approach to integrating sales training into your organization become such a priority. Differentiating your business from the big-box stores, online retailers and the client's prior experience with specialists is going to hinge more on the people experience you provide than the product assortment you offer.

The human opportunity walking through your door arrives not because you're the cheapest, but because the shoppers are hopeful that yours will be the company to finally deliver on the promise of a home technology lifestyle that meets or exceeds their expectations.Co-authors Joe Pine and James Gilmore put it best in their new book "Authenticity: What Consumers Really Want." They write:

Canada’s public golf management institutions

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