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About Us

The website of Golf Colleges Canada: serves two primary functions:

1. From this single web portal, golf club managers and golf club staff can access news, views, and features to help keep them abreast of golf club operations trends, innovations, and educational opportunities. Articles on the site are contributed by golf management instructional staff from participating post secondary institutions and by working club managers. Good information can boost workplace performance in Canada's golf industry by elevating the skills and knowledge of golf club employees seeking to advance their golf careers. 

2. Current and prospective students of golf club management can benefit from feature content, but, in addition, there is valuable golf career information and convenient launch options to websites of publicly accredited golf colleges. At each college site resides specifics about the comprehensive range of certificate and diploma golf management programs available across Canada.

This website is maintained and hosted by Selkirk College and its online golf management program: Golf Club Operations Online (GCOOL), the first comprehensive certificate program offered in Canada by a publicly accredited institution. GCOOL students acquire a certificate after completing 10 online golf courses.    


Canada’s public golf management institutions

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