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Special inside features from GMNET | Vol. 7, No. 1, Winter 2015

Golf managers wear many hats, but one that is often not exploited to its full potential is the one of motivational leader. Veteran club manager Steve Deschenes shares his ideas and observations to help colleagues get the most from high performance staff. Being able to property deploy motivational tactics and strategies is a win-win to gain the most from human resources. ‌Read more:

WHAT'S HOT IN CANADIAN F&B: Innova Market Insights recently identified its top 10 trends likely to impact the food industry in 2015 and beyond, identified by the company’s ongoing analysis of key global developments in food and drink launch activity worldwide. Read more.

Social media marketing is an art form, and with the right social media marketing solution, business owners can master it. The trick, of course, is to keep current with what’s out there…and there’s a lot! Here are 22 social networking innovations to consider. Read more.



Golf Industry Management News and Views

ONLINE COURSES BOOST GOLF CAREERS: Golf in Canada and the U.S. is a $50 billion industry that employs millions of people in golf-related jobs, including more than 100,000 managers ($11.3 billion industry and 342,000 jobs in Canada alone).

This means there's a strong demand for well-trained managers with post-secondary education as well as experience. If you're working in the industry already, or contemplating a career in golf management, take a look at efficient, affordable online courses that can greatly enhance your career progress and boost your income over a lifetime.

‌‌Next intake for online golf management courses Nov. 1, 2015: Read More:

‌INNOVATIVE LEADERSHIP: Many organizations would like their leaders to create more innovative teams. But how exactly should they do this? If you ask highly innovative leaders what makes them effective you are apt to hear, “Well, I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it.” Or they will make something up that sounds compelling. But the fact of the matter is that people who excel at something aren’t usually very good at pinpointing exactly what accounts for their skill.

So to find out, the folks at the Harvard Business Review conducted its own study by collaborating with a respected organization in the telecommunications industry whose leaders scored well above average on most managerial competencies. Read more.

MANAGERS SHOULD THINK LIKE SHERLOCK: For more than a century, valuable insight into leadership, logistics, strategy, human resources, finance and other areas of management and business has emerged from research conducted at business schools. Indeed, business schools and business academics are the source of many concepts and practices that managers use on a day-to-day basis. At the same time, as their name suggests, the primary role of business schools is to educate the business managers and leaders of today and of the future. And, in an ideal world, there should be a strong link between research and teaching, where first-class research from business schools and elsewhere quickly percolates through to the students. Read more.

‌NEW ZEALAND COURTS WOMEN GOLFERS: This “Getting Women into Golf” initiative was led by Marnie McGuire, Waikato Golf’s SportsForce Golf Development Manager, in partnership with the Raglan Golf Club. Initially, Marnie approached the club and outlined the programme. The club were very interested in both the programme and the potential outcomes. 

The objectives of the programme were to introduce new women to golf and allow existing members to improve their own game through coaching. To make the programme work, the club was required to firstly promote the initiative to the local community. They also needed to locate, within their membership, a number of volunteer coaches to assist with the delivery of the programme. Read more.

GOLF CLUB EYES ALL-SEASON REVENUE: The new owners of McGregor Links Country Club are bringing in a brewing company, installing an indoor golf simulator and renovating some of the golf course to turn the Wilton, New York country club into a year-round destination.

"We're really pushing for the year-round. We're really pushing to bring the country club back to families," said Blake Crocitto, one of the new owners. Crocitto and his business partner, William Ahl, owner of Ontario Scrap Metal in Albany, will bring in Druthers Brewing Company to run the restaurant, with cross-country skiing, ice skating and snowshoeing as recreation options. Read more.



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